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Where can I find Soak?

You can purchase our products online through the webshop. I’m working to offer the Soak products through partners in the future.

When do I put a bathbomb in the tub?

When your bath is full, you can gently drop the bathbomb in

Are Soak’s products nut allergy free?

Nut allergy mainly occurs when people eat nuts, nut allergy through touch is rather rare. The Soak products contain Jojoba oil and Shea butter, which is why we cannot guarantee nut-free products. If in doubt, you can always consult a doctor or do a patch test with a part of the bath bomb.

Can I send products as a gift to someone?

Everyone likes a relaxing surprise :-). When you place your order, you can add a personal message that I’ll be happy to deliver

How long can I keep products before I use them?

Because bath and shower bombs can lose their scent, color and strength, I recommend using the products as soon as possible. Be sure to use the bath bombs within 6 months of receipt.

Do bathbombs color my tub?

Personally, I really don’t like to clean my tub after a long and relaxing bath. Therfore, I use colorants that won’t stick to your bath tub.

Can I use bathbombs during my pregnancy?

It’s good to know that doctors don’t recommend taking hot baths during pregnancy as they can increase the baby’s heart rate. If you do want to take a bath, it is best to use lukewarm water. Always consult your doctor for professional advice.

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