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Together with a professor in dermatology, I specifically choose to use Shea butter in Soak’s bath and shower bombs. Shea butter on the one hand gives a soft feeling in your tub and on the other hand has a low risk of allergy than for instance  mango butter. Historically, Shea butter has been used for centuries to keep the skin elastic and flexible. For example, it is written in historical records that Cleopatra used Shea butter to preserve her beauty. The greatest benefits of Shea come from the presence of vitamins A and E, which provide mild protection against UV rays, nourish the skin and prevent aging. Mainly the natural and unrefined Shea butter contains the most vitamins for your skin.


In the search of a good Shea butter supplier, I came across the website of the Belgian non-profit organization Chéry Faso, who supplies the Shea butter for the Soak products. Chéry Faso is located in Ghent and is led by power woman Trui Rachels, who brings unrefined and natural Shea butter from Africa to Belgium. The Karité mamas in Boni (Burkina Faso), make this butter without the use of chemicals to open the Shea nuts, so that vitamins are preserved. The profit from the sale of the Shea butter can be managed by the Karité moms themselves. As Trui Rachels says, the Shea butter is therefore called “the gold of the women”. Currently, Chéry Faso ensures that 36 Karité moms can live financially independent, but also makes them able to pay for school fees for their children. It is therefore a double win for Soak to work with Chéry Faso: I can support a great project but I can also use high-quality Shea in the bath and shower bombs to make them even better. For more information about Chéry Faso and all Trui’s projects, you can surf to: https://www.cheryfaso.be

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