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The use of this website

By using certain parts of this site, you provide information that allows you to identify yourself as a person. This only happens for my services and information and if you give permission for this. Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation. By using my website and/or my services, you acknowledge that you have read this Privacy Policy carefully and that you agree to it without reservation. I reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy from time to time in our sole discretion. Such change will be communicated via the website.


Access to your personal data

You always have the right to request and view your stored personal data, to change it and/or to have it deleted. When your provide me a proof of identity (copy of identity card), you can obtain free written notification of your personal data by means of a written, dated and signed request to Jozefien Marsboom (info@soakbyannelynn.com). This is possible for one or more entries in different databases. You can also request to be removed from all databases. You will then be ‘forgotten’ and will not be contacted in any way. If you make the changes or deletion yourself, this is immediately effective. If you submit a request to make changes, this will be done as soon as possible and at least within 30 days.


This is how we process your data

The controller is:

  • Jozefien Anne Lynn Marsboom, founder Soak By Anne Lynn
  • Wijnbergenstraat 104, 3010 Leuven
  • info@soakbyannelynn.com
  • BTW BE 0757 614 738

Your personal data is processed by the following data processors (who also comply with the GDPR rules):

Soak By Anne Lynn – Wijnbergenstraat 104, 3010 Leuven – info@soakbyannelynn.com

Jozefien Marsboom keeps anonymous visitor statistics online in order to see which pages of the site are visited and to what extent. I use Google Analytics for usage analysis of my website. For this purpose, information about the use of our website is collected anonymously. This data is not passed on to Google and is not used for marketing and advertising purposes.


What data is collected?

Only those personal data are collected that are necessary to comply with a certain part of our services or to send you information.

This can be:

  • Your general and identification data (e.g. name, first name, last name, gender, e-mail address and/or postal address, landline and/or mobile telephone number);
  • Your position (e.g. title, position, name of the company);
  • Payment details (e.g. credit card details, bank details, VAT or other tax identification number);
  • Information about your usage, responses and/or preferences, including the types of messages discussed, communication channels and frequency;
  • Information you provide to us, for example when you fill out forms or during events you attend, or when you answer questions during an interview or survey;
  • Data relating to our products and services;

Some information is required in forms (usually indicated with a *), this information is necessary to be able to provide you with the desired service. Other information – not marked with * – may be helpful, but not absolutely necessary. You choose whether to enter data here.


Why is your data kept?

Your personal data will be used for a specific purpose (and only for that purpose) with the following legal bases:

  • Contact form: to meet your question, to give an answer (execute order)
  • Purchase form: to be able to process your purchase, to deliver the desired products and to be able to show you other products that may interest you (execution of order and legitimate interest)
  • Request brochure: to send you the brochure (execution of the assignment)

An exception to this is only possible with your explicit permission.


How long is your data kept?

Personal data is kept for as long as is necessary to provide you with the service that you activated yourself or for which you gave permission. Your personal data will be kept for a maximum of 5 years after the last use. Jozefien Marsboom treats your personal data as confidential information and will not rent or sell it to third parties. I only use services that process personal data if I have a processing agreement with them, if they are necessary for our services and information provision and if they can guarantee the secure storage of personal data with a guarantee for your privacy. Your personal data will only be passed on if this is necessary for the purpose for which you gave permission and provided the personal data (sending a newsletter, purchasing a product, booking a service…) or if this is legally required and permitted (for example in the context of a judicial investigation).


For example a third party is engaged for:

  • Providing IT infrastructure (including booking software, sales software, etc.);
  • Providing (and distributing) newsletters and invitations


Data security

You are responsible for keeping your login details and the use of your password confidential. The computers and internet connections on which your personal data are stored and transported are protected as well as possible against hacking, installing malware and other improper use. The computers and the network can only be logged in with a username and password.


If things go wrong …

We handle your personal data as carefully as possible and keep it secure. If something goes wrong, we will inform you as soon as possible and do everything we can to limit the damage. The spread of your personal data due to data theft or data leaks cannot give rise to claims for damages against us.



If, despite our precautionary measures, you still have complaints about our use of your personal data, please contact commission@privacycommission.be
More information about complaints procedures can be found on the following websites: Vlaamse Toezichtcommissie.

Last update 15/09/2021

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