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Soak’s mission is to make good quality and handmade bath & shower bombs that you can proudly gift to your friends and family or use them yourself to relax. Thank you for visiting Soak’s website, believing in me, and investing in this small, growing company!


Bath bombs often contain several chemical fillers that can dry out your skin. Personally, I like short ingredient lists and I like to show which ingredients I use to make a bath bomb. None of Soak’s products contain phthalates, parabens, silicones or SLS as these can irritate your skin.


I choose quality ingredients such as premium essential oils of natural origin, French clay, Jojoba oil and Shea butter that are manufactured without the use of harsh chemicals.


To me it is important to purchase raw materials from suppliers in the area so that I don’t burden the environment too much. When you buy bath bombs from Soak, you therefore contribute to the prosperity in Belgium and you support various Belgian companies to grow.


The formulas are discussed in detail with experts & lab technicians to guarantee safety. The composition of new products is always reported via the official CPNP platform of the European Commission, before they end up in your bathroom


Soak carries both natural and colored bath bombs that are 100% safe to use. It’s no fun having to clean your tub after a relaxing bath, so I’ll make sure that the colorants I use don’t stain your tub. In the ingredients list you can always find out whether there are colorants in the specific product or not.


Although Soak’s bath bombs generate a pretty soft foam, it is always possible that you can get an allergic reaction from them. When in doubt, you can first dissolve a piece of the bathbomb in water and see if your skin reacts to it. Finally, Soak’s bath bombs contain oils that come from nuts, so I can’t guarantee a nut-free product.

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