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About Anne Lynn

“Everyone can create a zen oasis in his or her own bathroom”

— Anne Lynn

Hi there! My name is Jozefien Anne Lynn and I found Soak from my personal passion for taking long and relaxing baths. When I was feeling a bit down in 2018 due to the cold winter weather and my studies, a friend gave me a mini bath bomb that smelled like Vanilla. The warm scent in the bath tub immediately made me feel relaxed, so I started looking for other bath bombs to try. I noticed that many bath bombs out there focus solely on bright colors and that they contain harsh chemicals that can dry out your skin and stick to your bath rim.  I started experimenting myself by adding different ingredients such as soft Shea butter, French clay and nourishing Jojoba oil to make my baths even more relaxing.

After a year of intensive testing, I finally decided in 2020 to renovate my garden shed in Leuven into the Soak-lab and to market my homemade bath bombs. All Soak bath and shower bombs are always made with love and care, dried and prepared for shipment by me personally. For me, a good bath bomb is a product that you can enjoy both physically and mentally and that relaxes you after a long stressful day at work, travelling, a difficult exam or standing in traffic for hours. Today I want to make bath bombs that make your skin feel soft and that bring you complete relaxation, so that everyone can create their own spa at home. My ideal day consists of running, taking a bath, drinking a delicious tea and going on a nice trip with a friend. During my bath time I put out candles and enjoy my favorite bath bomb, the French Lavender.

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