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Welcome to the official website of Soak! My name is Jozefien Anne Lynn and I found Soak from my personal passion for taking long relaxing baths. When I tried a mini bath bomb that smelled of warm vanilla in the winter of 2018, I immediately fell in love. However, it wasn’t easy to find a nourishing bath bomb that didn’t dry out my skin, so I started experimenting with different formulations myself. In 2020 I found my ideal composition with Shea butter, French clay and Jojoba oil. All Soak bath and shower bombs are made, dried and prepared for shipment with love by me.

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Soak - handgemaakte bruisballen uit Leuven

How are the Soaks bath and shower bombs made?

In 2020 I found Soak By Anne Lynn from my personal passion for taking long baths. All bath and shower bombs are made and dried by me in the Soak lab in Leuven, Belgium. Bring the spa experience to your own bathroom with nourishing bath and shower bombs handcrafted with gentle Jojoba oil, Shea butter and clay. Enjoy your bath and shower!


Weighing & mixing

The first step in the process is to carefully weigh out the raw materials for your bath and shower bomb to ensure quality. With a professional stand mixer, I mix all powders and oils to press the mix into a nice shape afterwards.

Soak - handgemaakte bruisballen uit Leuven

Pressing & drying

By using my hand press connected to an air compressor, I push the bath bomb mix into a large round sphere. Your bath bomb is now ready to dry for 24 hours in the Soak lab, after which it will be packaged for shipment.

Soak - handgemaakte bruisballen uit Leuven

Packaging & shipping

When your bath bomb has dried for 24 hours, it will be packaged in 100% biodegradeable shrink wrap (BIolefin TM) and shipped to you with care. To protect the bath and shower bombs during transport, they are wrapped in very thin tissue paper. A few days later you can use your bath or shower bomb in a relaxing warm bath or in an invigorating shower.

Handmade in Belgium
Approved & skin safe
100% full
Against animal testing

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